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Sandwich Business Card


Cotton Cardstock 600gsm

Velvet Touch 700gsm


Foil (or) Digital Print


Foil (or) Digital Print


Texture Cardstock 650gsm
250 Cards - Rs. 2000/-
500 Cards - Rs. 3300/-
1000 Cards - Rs. 6000/-

Velvet Touch 700gsm
250 Cards - Rs. 2500/-
500 Cards - Rs. 4400/-
1000 Cards - Rs. 8000/-

* Prices exclude GST & Shipping.
** Any other treatments are additionally charged.

The thick cardstock features a color card in the middle, creating a sandwich effect that adds a premium and unique touch to your card design. This design element gives your card a sophisticated feel, making it stand out from standard cards. The combination of sturdy cardstock and vibrant color creates a visually appealing and high-quality final product. Your card will have a distinct look and feel that will leave a lasting impression on those who receive it.

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